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Papyrus::FreehandSketcher Class Reference

#include <freehandsketcher.h>

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Public Types

typedef PapyrusPointer
< FreehandSketcher
typedef std::set< Group::pointerSketchpads

Public Member Functions

virtual ~FreehandSketcher ()
const Sketchpadssketchpads ()
void add_sketchpad (Group::pointer sketchpad)
void remove_sketchpad (Group::pointer sketchpad)
SKETCH sketch_mode ()
void set_sketch_mode (SKETCH mode)
Stroke::pointer stroke ()
void set_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke)
Fill::pointer fill ()
void set_fill (Fill::pointer fill)
void set_movement_threshhold (double t)
double get_movement_threshhold ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FreehandSketcher::pointer create (const Glib::ustring &id, SKETCH mode=SKETCH_LINE, Stroke::pointer stroke=Stroke::pointer())
static FreehandSketcher::pointer create (SKETCH mode=SKETCH_LINE, Stroke::pointer stroke=Stroke::pointer())

Protected Types

typedef std::map
< Group::pointer,

Protected Member Functions

 FreehandSketcher (const Glib::ustring &id, SKETCH mode=SKETCH_LINE, Stroke::pointer stroke=Stroke::pointer())
virtual bool on_button_press (const Event::ButtonPress &event)
virtual bool on_button_release (const Event::ButtonRelease &event)
virtual bool on_motion (const Event::Motion &event)

Protected Attributes

SKETCH m_mode
Fill::pointer m_fill
Stroke::pointer m_stroke
Lines m_lines
Papyrus::Polyline::pointer m_current_line
Sketchpads m_sketchpads
bool m_drawing
double m_last_position [2]
double m_movement_threshhold

Detailed Description

Rick L Vinyard Jr <>

Member Typedef Documentation

Reimplemented from Papyrus::Controller.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::FreehandSketcher ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
Stroke::pointer  stroke = Stroke::pointer() 
) [protected]
Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::~FreehandSketcher (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::add_sketchpad ( Group::pointer  sketchpad  ) 
FreehandSketcher::pointer Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::create ( SKETCH  mode = SKETCH_LINE,
Stroke::pointer  stroke = Stroke::pointer() 
) [static]
FreehandSketcher::pointer Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::create ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
Stroke::pointer  stroke = Stroke::pointer() 
) [static]

Referenced by on_button_press().

Fill::pointer Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::fill (  ) 

References m_fill.

double Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::get_movement_threshhold (  ) 

References m_movement_threshhold.

bool Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::on_button_press ( const Event::ButtonPress event  )  [protected, virtual]
bool Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::on_button_release ( const Event::ButtonRelease event  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Papyrus::Controller.

References m_current_line, and m_lines.

bool Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::on_motion ( const Event::Motion event  )  [protected, virtual]
void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::remove_sketchpad ( Group::pointer  sketchpad  ) 

References m_lines, and m_sketchpads.

void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::set_fill ( Fill::pointer  fill  ) 

References m_fill.

void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::set_movement_threshhold ( double  t  ) 

References m_movement_threshhold.

void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::set_sketch_mode ( SKETCH  mode  ) 

References m_mode.

void Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::set_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 

References m_lines, and m_stroke.

SKETCH Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::sketch_mode (  ) 

References m_mode.

const FreehandSketcher::Sketchpads & Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::sketchpads (  ) 

References m_sketchpads.

Stroke::pointer Papyrus::FreehandSketcher::stroke (  ) 

References m_stroke.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by fill(), on_button_press(), and set_fill().

Referenced by on_button_press(), and on_motion().

Referenced by on_button_press(), set_stroke(), and stroke().

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