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Papyrus::Gradient Class Reference

Base class for linear and radial gradients (LinearGradient and RadialGradient). More...

#include <gradient.h>

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class  Stop
 A gradient stop for use with LinearGradient or RadialGradient. More...

Public Types

typedef PapyrusPointer< Gradientpointer
typedef std::vector< StopStops

Public Member Functions

 ~Gradient ()
GradientUnits units () const
void set_units (GradientUnits gu)
GradientSpread spread () const
void set_spread (GradientSpread s)
const Matrixtransform () const
Matrixtransform ()
void set_transform (const Matrix &m)
Gradient::pointer parent ()
void set_parent (Gradient::pointer p)
const Stopsstops () const
void push_front (const Stop &s)
void push_back (const Stop &s)
void insert (Stops::iterator pos, const Stop &s)
void remove (Stops::iterator pos)
void clear_stops ()

Protected Member Functions

 Gradient ()
void on_parent_changed ()
void on_transform_changed ()

Protected Attributes

GradientUnits m_units
GradientSpread m_spread
Matrix m_transform
Gradient::pointer m_parent
sigc::connection m_parent_changed_connection
Stops m_stops

Detailed Description

Base class for linear and radial gradients (LinearGradient and RadialGradient).

This is similar to the cairo linear and radial gradient base class. However, several items have been added to support SVG style gradients.

Rick L Vinyard Jr <>

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef PapyrusPointer<Gradient> Papyrus::Gradient::pointer

Reimplemented from Papyrus::Paint.

typedef std::vector<Stop> Papyrus::Gradient::Stops

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::Gradient::Gradient (  )  [protected]
Papyrus::Gradient::~Gradient (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Papyrus::Gradient::clear_stops (  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::insert ( Stops::iterator  pos,
const Stop s 
void Papyrus::Gradient::on_parent_changed (  )  [protected]

References Papyrus::Object::m_signal_changed.

Referenced by set_parent().

void Papyrus::Gradient::on_transform_changed (  )  [protected]

References Papyrus::Object::m_signal_changed.

Referenced by Gradient().

Gradient::pointer Papyrus::Gradient::parent (  ) 

References m_parent.

void Papyrus::Gradient::push_back ( const Stop s  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::push_front ( const Stop s  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::remove ( Stops::iterator  pos  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::set_parent ( Gradient::pointer  p  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::set_spread ( GradientSpread  s  ) 
void Papyrus::Gradient::set_transform ( const Matrix m  ) 

References m_transform.

void Papyrus::Gradient::set_units ( GradientUnits  gu  ) 
GradientSpread Papyrus::Gradient::spread (  )  const
const Gradient::Stops & Papyrus::Gradient::stops (  )  const
Matrix & Papyrus::Gradient::transform (  ) 

References m_transform.

const Matrix & Papyrus::Gradient::transform (  )  const

References m_transform.

GradientUnits Papyrus::Gradient::units (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by parent(), set_parent(), spread(), stops(), and units().

sigc::connection Papyrus::Gradient::m_parent_changed_connection [protected]

Referenced by set_parent().

Referenced by set_spread(), and spread().

Referenced by Gradient(), set_transform(), and transform().

Referenced by set_units(), and units().

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