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Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox Class Reference

#include <linecapbuttonbox.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LineCapButtonBox (Cairo::LineCap selected=Cairo::LINE_CAP_BUTT, SIZE size=SIZE_MEDIUM)
 ~LineCapButtonBox ()
sigc::signal< void,
Cairo::LineCap > 
signal_selected ()
Cairo::LineCap selected ()
void set_selected (Cairo::LineCap selected)
SIZE get_size ()
void set_size (SIZE size)

Protected Member Functions

void create_images (SIZE size)

Protected Attributes

SIZE m_size
Cairo::LineCap m_selected
::Gtk::Tooltips m_tooltips
std::vector< ::Gtk::Image * > m_images
< ::Gtk::ToggleButton * > 
sigc::signal< void,
Cairo::LineCap > 

Detailed Description

Rick L Vinyard Jr <>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::LineCapButtonBox ( Cairo::LineCap  selected = Cairo::LINE_CAP_BUTT,

References set_size().

Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::~LineCapButtonBox (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::create_images ( SIZE  size  )  [protected]
SIZE Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::get_size (  ) 
Cairo::LineCap Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::selected (  ) 

References m_selected.

void Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::set_selected ( Cairo::LineCap  selected  ) 

References m_buttons, m_selected, and m_signal_selected.

Referenced by set_size().

void Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::set_size ( SIZE  size  ) 
sigc::signal< void, Cairo::LineCap > Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::signal_selected (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

std::vector< ::Gtk::ToggleButton*> Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::m_buttons [protected]

Referenced by set_selected(), and set_size().

std::vector< ::Gtk::Image*> Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::m_images [protected]

Referenced by create_images(), and set_size().

Cairo::LineCap Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::m_selected [protected]

Referenced by selected(), set_selected(), and set_size().

sigc::signal<void, Cairo::LineCap> Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::m_signal_selected [protected]

Referenced by set_selected(), and signal_selected().

::Gtk::Tooltips Papyrus::Gtk::LineCapButtonBox::m_tooltips [protected]

Referenced by set_size().

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