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Papyrus::Handlebox Class Reference

#include <handlebox.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Handlebox ()
void set_handle_shape (Position p, Drawable::pointer shape, bool activate=true)
void set_handle_shape (Handles h, Drawable::pointer shape, bool activate=true)
Drawable::pointer get_handle_shape (Position p)
void activate_handle (Position p, bool activate=true)
void activate_handle (Handles h, bool activate=true)
void deactivate_handle (Position p)
void deactivate_handle (Handles h)
bool is_active (Position p)
bool is_active (Handles h)
int inside_handle (double x, double y)

Static Public Member Functions

static pointer create (Handles handles=CORNER_HANDLES)
static pointer create (const Glib::ustring &id, Handles handles=CORNER_HANDLES)

Protected Member Functions

 Handlebox (const Glib::ustring &id, Handles handles)
virtual Region calculate_extents (const Matrix &m=Matrix::Identity, ExtentsPerformance ep=EXTENTS_QUICK) const
 Reimplements Boxed' behavior when extents need to be updated.
virtual void position_handle (Drawable::pointer, double x, double y)
virtual void on_child_added (Drawable::pointer child)
virtual void on_child_removed (Drawable::pointer child)

Protected Attributes

Drawable::pointer m_handle_shape [8]
bool m_handle_active [8]
bool m_initializing

Detailed Description

Rick L Vinyard Jr <>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::Handlebox::Handlebox ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
Handles  handles 
) [protected]
Papyrus::Handlebox::~Handlebox (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Papyrus::Handlebox::activate_handle ( Handles  h,
bool  activate = true 
void Papyrus::Handlebox::activate_handle ( Position  p,
bool  activate = true 
Region Papyrus::Handlebox::calculate_extents ( const Matrix m = Matrix::Identity,
ExtentsPerformance  ep = EXTENTS_QUICK 
) const [protected, virtual]

Reimplements Boxed' behavior when extents need to be updated.

Performs same behavior, but also adjusts handle shapes to their proper places.

Reimplemented from Papyrus::Boxed.

References Papyrus::Drawable::extents(), m_handle_active, m_handle_shape, and position_handle().

Handlebox::pointer Papyrus::Handlebox::create ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
Handles  handles = CORNER_HANDLES 
) [static]


Handlebox::pointer Papyrus::Handlebox::create ( Handles  handles = CORNER_HANDLES  )  [static]


Referenced by Handlebox().

void Papyrus::Handlebox::deactivate_handle ( Handles  h  ) 
void Papyrus::Handlebox::deactivate_handle ( Position  p  ) 
Drawable::pointer Papyrus::Handlebox::get_handle_shape ( Position  p  ) 

References m_handle_shape.

int Papyrus::Handlebox::inside_handle ( double  x,
double  y 
bool Papyrus::Handlebox::is_active ( Handles  h  ) 
bool Papyrus::Handlebox::is_active ( Position  p  ) 

References m_handle_active.

void Papyrus::Handlebox::on_child_added ( Drawable::pointer  child  )  [protected, virtual]
void Papyrus::Handlebox::on_child_removed ( Drawable::pointer  child  )  [protected, virtual]
Papyrus::Handlebox::PAPYRUS_DRAWABLE ( Handlebox   ) 

Reimplemented from Papyrus::Boxed.

void Papyrus::Handlebox::position_handle ( Drawable::pointer  drawable,
double  x,
double  y 
) [protected, virtual]

Referenced by calculate_extents().

void Papyrus::Handlebox::set_handle_shape ( Handles  h,
Drawable::pointer  shape,
bool  activate = true 
void Papyrus::Handlebox::set_handle_shape ( Position  p,
Drawable::pointer  shape,
bool  activate = true 

References activate_handle(), and m_handle_shape.

Referenced by Handlebox(), and set_handle_shape().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by Handlebox().

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