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Papyrus::RGBA Struct Reference

A structure storing an RGBA value. More...

#include <rgba.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RGBA (double r=0.0, double g=0.0, double b=0.0, double a=1.0)
 RGBA (const Glib::ustring &name, double a=1.0)
double operator[] (unsigned index)
 operator Cairo::RefPtr< Cairo::Pattern > () const
 operator Fill::pointer () const
 operator Stroke::pointer () const
 operator Paint::pointer () const

Public Attributes

double red
double green
double blue
double alpha

Static Private Member Functions

static void initialize_regular_expressions ()

Static Private Attributes

static regex_t regular_expression [4]
static bool regex_initialized = false

Detailed Description

A structure storing an RGBA value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::RGBA::RGBA ( double  r = 0.0,
double  g = 0.0,
double  b = 0.0,
double  a = 1.0 
Papyrus::RGBA::RGBA ( const Glib::ustring &  name,
double  a = 1.0 

Member Function Documentation

void Papyrus::RGBA::initialize_regular_expressions (  )  [static, private]

References regex_initialized, and regular_expression.

Referenced by RGBA().

Papyrus::RGBA::operator Cairo::RefPtr< Cairo::Pattern > (  )  const
Papyrus::RGBA::operator Fill::pointer (  )  const
Papyrus::RGBA::operator Paint::pointer (  )  const
Papyrus::RGBA::operator Stroke::pointer (  )  const
double Papyrus::RGBA::operator[] ( unsigned  index  ) 

References alpha, blue, green, and red.

Member Data Documentation

bool Papyrus::RGBA::regex_initialized = false [static, private]
regex_t Papyrus::RGBA::regular_expression [static, private]

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