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A beziergon is drawn as a series of cubic bezier curves and defined by a set of ordered bezier vertices.

A beziergon differs from a Papyrus::Bezierline in that the beziergon will be closed by drawing a cubic bezier curve from the last vertex to the first vertex.

For a discussion of bezier vertices and how the cubic bezier curves are defined see Papyrus::Bezierline.

If this beziergon contained three vertices, the following points would be present to define the following bezierline segments:

    v0p0   v0p1   v0p2   v1p0   v1p1   v1p2   v2p0   v2p1   v2p2
           |------ segment 1 ------|
                                |------ segment 2 ------|

The beziergon would complete the shape by drawing a third bezier curve from v2p1 to v0p1 using v2p2 and v0p0 as control points.


Filled Beziergon

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