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Papyrus C++ Cairo Scenegraph Library

Papyrus uses cairomm, and thus cairo, to perform rendering of a 2-D scenegraph into a cairo context.Thus, papyrus scenegraphs can be rendered on-screen (such as X11 windows) as well as PDF documents, PNG images, SVG documents and any other surface cairo supports ( Microsoft Windows surfaces, Quartz surfaces, postscript, OpenGL to name a few more).
Examples of papyrus rendering scenegraphs into PNG images can be found throughout this documentation. The example images of papyrus drawables were all created by the papyrus example programs.
A key feature of papyrus is the ability to create customized shapes through inheritance, and papyrus is designed to allow multiple points at which this can occur such as:
  • Inherit from Renderable if you want complete control over the drawing process.
  • Inherit from Drawable and reimplement the pure virtual method Drawable::draw if you want control over the drawing process, but want to leverage concepts such as the Viewbox.
  • Inherit from Shape and reimplement the pure virtual method Shape::draw_shape and/or the virtual method Shape::draw_outline if all you need to do is customize the cairo drawing path.

Payrus Sourceforge Project Page
The papyrus sourceforge project page can be found here:

Download papyrus rpms or get the source code
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Dependencies... and where to get them
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Documentation, Tutorials, Guides, Quick Start, et. al.
This section is pretty large so it has its own page here: Documentation (API reference, Tutorials, Guides, et. al.)

Mailing Lists

Sourceforge Forums
Although mailing lists are preferred, the sourceforge forums are available for discussion as well.
  • Users forum (for those using papyrus in their applications)
  • Development forum (for discussion related to the development of papyrus itself)

View reported bugs in the bug tracker
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Papyrus is released under the LGPLv3

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