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hsla.cpp File Reference

#include "hsla.h"
#include <stdexcept>
#include <cassert>
#include "rgba.h"
#include "color_utility.h"
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namespace  Papyrus


void Papyrus::rgb_to_hsl (double rgb_r, double rgb_g, double rgb_b, double &h, double &s, double &l)
 Convert RGB color to HSL Given r,g,b, each in [0,1], returns h in [0,360]; s and l in [0,1].
double Papyrus::hsl_value (double m1, double m2, double hue)
void Papyrus::hsl_to_rgb (double hsl_h, double hsl_s, double hsl_l, double &rgb_r, double &rgb_g, double &rgb_b)
 Convert HSLA color to RGB Given h in [0,360]; s and l in [0,1], returns r,g,b each in [0,1].

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