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Papyrus::Grid Class Reference

#include <grid.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Grid ()
double x_min ()
void set_x_min (double min)
double x_max ()
void set_x_max (double max)
void x_min_max (double &min, double &max)
void set_x_min_max (double min, double max)
double y_min ()
void set_y_min (double min)
double y_max ()
void set_y_max (double max)
void y_min_max (double &min, double &max)
void set_y_min_max (double min, double max)
void xy_min_max (double &x_min, double &x_max, double &y_min, double &y_max)
void set_xy_min_max (double x_min, double x_max, double y_min, double y_max)
void enable_axis (unsigned which=X_AXIS|Y_AXIS)
void disable_axis (unsigned which=X_AXIS|Y_AXIS)
Stroke::pointer x_axis_stroke () const
void set_x_axis_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke)
Stroke::pointer y_axis_stroke () const
void set_y_axis_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke)
void set_xy_axis_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke)
void enable_border (unsigned which=TOP|RIGHT|BOTTOM|LEFT)
void disable_border (unsigned which=TOP|RIGHT|BOTTOM|LEFT)
void set_border_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke, unsigned which=TOP|RIGHT|BOTTOM|LEFT)
double x_interval ()
void set_x_interval (double x_interval)
Stroke::pointer x_interval_stroke ()
void set_x_interval_stroke (Stroke::pointer)
double y_interval ()
void set_y_interval (double y_interval)
Stroke::pointer y_interval_stroke ()
void set_y_interval_stroke (Stroke::pointer)
void xy_interval (double &x_interval, double &y_interval)
void set_xy_interval (double interval)
void set_xy_interval (double x_interval, double y_interval)
void xy_interval_stroke (Stroke::pointer x_stroke, Stroke::pointer y_stroke)
void set_xy_interval_stroke (Stroke::pointer stroke)
void set_xy_interval_stroke (Stroke::pointer x_stroke, Stroke::pointer y_stroke)
virtual void draw (Context &cairo) const
 Draws on the provided context.

Static Public Member Functions

static pointer create (double xmin=-infinity, double xmax=infinity, double ymin=-infinity, double ymax=infinity)
static pointer create (const Glib::ustring &id, double xmin=-infinity, double xmax=infinity, double ymin=-infinity, double ymax=infinity)

Static Public Attributes

static const double infinity = 1.5e4

Protected Member Functions

 Grid (const Glib::ustring &id, double xmin=-infinity, double xmax=infinity, double ymin=-infinity, double ymax=infinity)

Protected Attributes

Stroke::pointer m_x_axis_stroke
Stroke::pointer m_y_axis_stroke
Stroke::pointer m_x_interval_stroke
Stroke::pointer m_y_interval_stroke
Stroke::pointer m_border_stroke [4]
double m_x_min
double m_x_max
double m_y_min
double m_y_max
double m_x_interval
double m_y_interval
unsigned int m_enabled_axes
unsigned int m_enabled_borders

Detailed Description

Rick L Vinyard Jr <>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Papyrus::Grid::Grid ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
double  xmin = -infinity,
double  xmax = infinity,
double  ymin = -infinity,
double  ymax = infinity 
) [protected]
Papyrus::Grid::~Grid (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Grid::pointer Papyrus::Grid::create ( const Glib::ustring &  id,
double  xmin = -infinity,
double  xmax = infinity,
double  ymin = -infinity,
double  ymax = infinity 
) [static]


Grid::pointer Papyrus::Grid::create ( double  xmin = -infinity,
double  xmax = infinity,
double  ymin = -infinity,
double  ymax = infinity 
) [static]


void Papyrus::Grid::disable_axis ( unsigned  which = X_AXIS | Y_AXIS  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::disable_border ( unsigned  which = TOP | RIGHT | BOTTOM | LEFT  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::draw ( Context cairo  )  const [virtual]
void Papyrus::Grid::enable_axis ( unsigned  which = X_AXIS | Y_AXIS  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::enable_border ( unsigned  which = TOP | RIGHT | BOTTOM | LEFT  ) 
Papyrus::Grid::PAPYRUS_DRAWABLE ( Grid   ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_border_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke,
unsigned  which = TOP | RIGHT | BOTTOM | LEFT 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_axis_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_interval ( double  x_interval  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_interval_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_max ( double  max  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_min ( double  min  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_x_min_max ( double  min,
double  max 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_axis_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_interval ( double  x_interval,
double  y_interval 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_interval ( double  interval  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_interval_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  x_stroke,
Stroke::pointer  y_stroke 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_interval_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_xy_min_max ( double  x_min,
double  x_max,
double  y_min,
double  y_max 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_axis_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_interval ( double  y_interval  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_interval_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  stroke  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_max ( double  max  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_min ( double  min  ) 
void Papyrus::Grid::set_y_min_max ( double  min,
double  max 
Stroke::pointer Papyrus::Grid::x_axis_stroke (  )  const

References m_x_axis_stroke.

double Papyrus::Grid::x_interval (  ) 

References m_x_interval.

Stroke::pointer Papyrus::Grid::x_interval_stroke (  ) 

References m_x_interval_stroke.

double Papyrus::Grid::x_max (  ) 

References m_x_max.

double Papyrus::Grid::x_min (  ) 

References m_x_min.

void Papyrus::Grid::x_min_max ( double &  min,
double &  max 

References m_x_max, and m_x_min.

void Papyrus::Grid::xy_interval ( double &  x_interval,
double &  y_interval 

References m_x_interval, and m_y_interval.

void Papyrus::Grid::xy_interval_stroke ( Stroke::pointer  x_stroke,
Stroke::pointer  y_stroke 
void Papyrus::Grid::xy_min_max ( double &  x_min,
double &  x_max,
double &  y_min,
double &  y_max 

References m_x_max, m_x_min, m_y_max, and m_y_min.

Stroke::pointer Papyrus::Grid::y_axis_stroke (  )  const

References m_y_axis_stroke.

double Papyrus::Grid::y_interval (  ) 

References m_y_interval.

Stroke::pointer Papyrus::Grid::y_interval_stroke (  ) 

References m_y_interval_stroke.

double Papyrus::Grid::y_max (  ) 

References m_y_max.

double Papyrus::Grid::y_min (  ) 

References m_y_min.

void Papyrus::Grid::y_min_max ( double &  min,
double &  max 

References m_y_max, and m_y_min.

Member Data Documentation

const double Papyrus::Grid::infinity = 1.5e4 [static]

Referenced by draw(), and set_border_stroke().

unsigned int Papyrus::Grid::m_enabled_axes [protected]

Referenced by disable_axis(), draw(), and enable_axis().

unsigned int Papyrus::Grid::m_enabled_borders [protected]

Referenced by disable_border(), draw(), and enable_border().

double Papyrus::Grid::m_x_interval [protected]
double Papyrus::Grid::m_x_max [protected]
double Papyrus::Grid::m_x_min [protected]
double Papyrus::Grid::m_y_interval [protected]
double Papyrus::Grid::m_y_max [protected]
double Papyrus::Grid::m_y_min [protected]

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