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Documentation (API reference, Tutorials, Guides, et. al.)

API Reference
The API documentation (including the pages you are reading now) have been generated with Doxygen.
The most current documentation for papyrus is available online here:

Key sections within the API reference

Quickstart Guide: If you're new to papyrus you might want to start with the Quick Start Guide to Papyrus
Drawing Guide: The following contains a list of drawables in Papyrus (this occasionally gets out of date as new shapes are added). Each of the links below leads to a page that illustrates images that were generated by Papyrus, and also include the code that actually generated the example images.
Using a Viewbox : ViewBoxes are conceptually the same as the viewBox attribute in SVG.
Papyrus' use of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm : Papyrus utilizes the Model-View-Controller paradigm. Check out this page to see more on how and why it is used and which classes provide the core of the MVC implementation.

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